You asked: Which Plex Media Server for Android?

There is no Plex made server for Android. Unsure what you googled. The Plex mobile clients can act as a mini server for content previously synced from a real server, but it’s not a true Plex server in any supported sense of the word.

Can I run Plex server on Android?

If you’re using an Android/Android TV device as your media server, you can snag the Plex Media Server Android beta software from Google. Make a Plex account if you haven’t already (the Android version of Plex uses your Google account). Install the Plex app on the device(s) you’ll be accessing the server from.

How do I setup Plex server on Android?

Streaming your media on your Android device via Plex

  1. Install the Plex Android app to your device. …
  2. Activate the app by paying the one-time activation fee.
  3. From the list of servers on the top right of your app, your new Plex server should appear – provided that it is online and the Plex program is running on your server.

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How do I access Plex server on Android?

In order to access your PLEX server remotely you will need either laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. If you are using a mobile device you will then also need to download the Plex app from the app store. You will need to determine your Plex server’s ip (Click Start, Run, and type in CMD.

What devices can run Plex Media Server?

  • What devices can Plex media server run on?
  • Synology – NAS for Plex Media Server.
  • Prime Day Deal: Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS920+ for $550 $439. …
  • QNAP – NAS for Plex Media Server. …
  • TerraMaster – NAS with Plex Media Streaming Server. …
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Pre-built with Plex Server Support.

How do I connect to Plex directly to server?

Type http://server.local.ip.address:32400/web into the address bar (e.g “”) The browser will connect to the Server and load Plex Web App.

Is Plex the best media server?

Overall, the balance of usability, functionality, and superb device compatibility, Plex is easily the best media server software you can (and should) use. Why you should use Plex: Great for Movies, TV shows, music, photos. Tons of compatible Plex client devices.

Is Plex illegal?

Is Plex illegal? Plex is completely legal to download and use. But as with most software tools, it can be used for illegal purposes, too.

How do I set up a DLNA media server?

1 Enable Media Streaming

  1. Open the Start Menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet.
  3. Select Ethernet (if your computer has a wired connection), or Wi-Fi (if your computer uses a wireless connection) on the left.
  4. Select Network and Sharing Center on the right.
  5. Select Media streaming options on the left.

How do I create a media server?

Steps to Set Up a Media Server

  1. Buy a NAS or set up a dedicated computer.
  2. Install hard drives to store the media files.
  3. Connect the media server to the network via an Ethernet cable(s).
  4. Transfer the files to the hard drives and install any apps you would like to use.

How do I find my 4 digit Plex code?

You’ll be presented with a 4-character code, which is what you’ll use to connect the app with your Plex account. In your browser on your desktop or mobile device, go to and ensure that you’re signed into the appropriate Plex account. Enter the 4-character code and submit.

What is my Plex media server IP address?

Just open on your Android phone, login with your Plex account and go to your remote connection settings. You should see the IP address there.

Why can’t plex find my media?

Ensure that Plex Media Server is actually actively running. Verify that your Server is listed on your Devices page. Disable any VPN on your computer or router. … Make sure you aren’t requiring secure connections on the server while using an app that doesn’t support them (see below)

How much RAM do I need for Plex Media Server?

In general, Plex Media Server doesn’t require large amounts of RAM. 2GB of RAM is typically more than sufficient and some installs (particularly Linux-based installs) can often happily run with even less.

What is better than Plex Media Server?

TVersity. TVersity is a proprietary Plex alternative from TVersity Inc. Their paid media server package uses DNLA/UPnP technology to enable users to stream content from their own PCs to a wide variety of devices (content can also be accessed through standard web browsers).

What is the best OS for Plex?

Fedora 32 desktop is the best version for a Plex Media Server. This excellent distro has a Fedora Workstation and is aimed at developers. One may expect that this distro will not be accessible since its target is developers, but Fedora Workstation has a simple user interface due to the Gnome 3 desktop environment.

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