Why did Todd have an android daughter?

Kara is assigned to look after her. She suffers from her father’s abuse since her mother left home. In reality, she is a YK500 child android, bought to replace Todd’s biological daughter who left with her mother. Since the YK500 model was released in 2033, Alice has been with Todd since no earlier than this date.

Why does Todd have an android daughter?

Originally Answered: In Detroit become human what is the purpose of children androids? Apparently, they’re made as a sort of replacement for children who are either dead or absent. Alice was bought by Todd so he could replace the daughter his ex-wife took when she left him.

Did Zlatko know Alice was an android?

Zlatko refers to Alice by the pronoun ‘it’ rather than ‘her’ or ‘she’, suggesting that Zlatko already knew that Alice was an android. It’s possible that Zlatko has androids working on his behalf to lure deviants to his mansion, as evidenced by the WR600 who tells Kara it’s a place where she and Alice can get help.

Can you reason with Todd Detroit?

Reason with Todd / Todd shoves Kara downstairs: Choose to talk to Todd instead of going upstairs. He will always smack you to the ground and be upstairs before you can be there. Kara stands in Todd’s way: become deviant, but don’t go upstairs or talk to Todd.

What happens if you shoot Kamski’s Android?

“Kamski’s Test” is one of the most important scenes in the game. . The dialogue with Kamski leaves you with a choice – you need to decide whether to kill or spare Chloe – an android belonging to Kamski. If you don’t shoot – the stability of the system will decrease, while the relations with Hank will improve.

Is Ra9 a Markus?

Ra9 is basically just a fictional being the deviants created to have someone to look up to. Aka, Like a religion. So no, Markus is not Ra9.

Can Kara leave without Alice?

Stormy Night

Depending on what Kara does before or after Todd follows Alice, Alice can escape with Kara without killing Todd (Kara breaks the mental wall before Todd goes upstairs), both can escape the house but by killing Todd (Kara breaks the mental wall after Todd goes upstairs), or both can get killed by Todd.

Is Connor RA9?

It’s theorised that Kamski created a virus called RA9 since he wants the androids to become deviant. If Amanda is the RA9 virus, then this means Connor is unwittingly the carrier and cause to deviancy. He spreads it and then, other androids spread it from there without realising it.

What happens if Zlatko kills Kara?

Like with the above ending, if players wind up getting chased by Zlatko before having opened the bear cage, Zlatko will kill Kara in the bathroom. If players are able to restore Kara’s memory, hide effectively, and/or open the door to the bear cage, Zlatko will be killed either by Luther or by his own monsters.

What happens to Kara if Alice dies?

If Todd kills Alice and Kara, that’s… pretty much it. Their storyline is over, and a ‘finale’ cutscene is shown at the end of the chapter. … Either way, it will always finish with the end cutscene with Alice and Todd. You don’t get to continue- Kara does not get revived.

What happens if you don’t kill Todd Detroit?

If he is not killed in Stormy Night, Todd can be seen in Battle for Detroit if Kara, Alice, and optionally Luther make it to the bus depot. He grabs Kara and calls for security, claiming that she stole his little girl.

What happens if you don’t move as Kara?

Stormy night

If you listen to the subtitles on the screen and you don’t move, you end the Kara theme right from the very beginning. In this chapter penalty may die or end her story in many ways: She will end her story if she hasn’t received positive relationships with Alice in the chapter New House.

What happens if Markus defends himself?

If Markus chooses to defend himself and push Leo, the painters son will fall hard against his fathers mechanical lift, breaking his neck. Regardless of which path Markus takes, the police will arrive and decomission him.

Should I kill Chloe or not?

You will face the first important choice in this episode during the first chapter of the game. You will have to decide whether to kill Chloe (she asks you to do it) or refuse her. The choice might seem to be important but in fact it isn’t. You can kill her or refuse but the story will go exactly the same.

Is Amanda an android?

Biography. Amanda is an artificial intelligence program, designed by Elijah Kamski and visually modeled on his mentor and professor, Amanda Stern. It is unknown if she has an android body too, or exists solely as an incorporeal AI.

Should I kill or spare Chloe?

No matter what happens afterward, if players choose to kill Chloe, Hank will always be disappointed with Connor’s decision. However, killing Chloe will allow Connor to earn the key needed to access Jericho.

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