What are the symbols on my Android phone?

What does a triangle with up and down arrows mean on my phone?

After updating the Galaxy S8 and/or S8+ to Android Oreo, you may encounter a few new status icons in Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Smartphones. The icon you’re referring to is the new data saver status icon.

What do the icons at the top of my screen mean?

The status bar at the top of the home screen contains icons that help you monitor your phone. Icons on the left tell you about apps, such as new messages or downloads. If you don’t know what one of these icons means, swipe the status bar down for details.

What is the triangle on the top of my Samsung phone?

From what I have researched this notification is from a Data Saver feature. Data saver helps cut down your data usage by preventing some apps from sending or receiving data in the background. You can turn it off from settings. Settings > Connections > Data usage > Data saver.

Why do I have a triangle on my phone?

Your phone may display an exclamation mark in a triangle on a black screen. This screen is called recovery mode, and is usually accessed from the bootloader menu on an Android device. The most common cause of issues with recovery mode is when the device has been rooted; or having installed a custom ROM.

What is the star symbol on my phone?

What does a star symbol mean on my Android phone? If the interrupt mode is activated as “Priority” , the star icon in the status bar of your Android smartphone Lollipop appears. “Priority” in the “Interruptions Mode” means that only calls and notifications appear , which you have previously considered as important.

What is the symbol for mobile data?

A lot of people have been asking about this one. The Data Saver icon is 75% of a circle with an addition sign in the middle, and it’s on Android devices running Nougat and later. It helps you save on your data allowance, and be turned on and off by heading into your data usage settings.

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