Question: How do I use ExoPlayer on Android?

What is an android ExoPlayer?

ExoPlayer is an app-level media player built on top of low-level media APIs in Android. ExoPlayer has a number of advantages over the built-in MediaPlayer in Android. … It is an open source project used by Google apps, including YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV.

How do I play YouTube on ExoPlayer?

Play Youtube Video in ExoPlayer

  1. Let’s create a new project in Android Studio. Add dependency in Project build.gradle. …
  2. Prepare ExoPlayerManager Singleton. In my previous tutorials wrote ExoPlayer instance inside each activity (not a good practice). …
  3. How to use ExoPlayerManager inside App?

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How do you pause ExoPlayer video on Android?

3 Answers. You can use void setPlayWhenReady(boolean playWhenReady) . If Exo is ready, passing false will pause the player.

What is ExoPlayer cache dir?

Video preloading/ precaching using Exoplayer 2 in Android. … Its primary purpose is for caching video. This class have a method ‘cache’ which accepts multiple parameters we will be discussing them and how to use this method for our purpose.

How do I know if ExoPlayer is playing?

If isPlaying is false, it is paused, otherwise playing. I had the same requirement to detect the click event of exoplayer play/pause button. Above answers were mainly talking about the state not about the button click event. This is what I did to detect the Play/Pause button click, works perfect.

What is a ExoPlayer?

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks.

Can ExoPlayer play YouTube video?

The major Video Streaming giants on Android mostly depend on Exoplayer because of its features and flexibility. ExoPlayer is the video player running in Android YouTube, Netflix, Amazon media player for Prime, HotStar, and many other popular and robust apps. Good documentation and tutorials. It’s free!

How can I play YouTube videos on my Android phone?

You can play youtube videos in the app itself using android-youtube-player. Intent intent = new Intent(null, Uri. parse(“ytv://”+v), this, OpenYouTubePlayerActivity. class); startActivity(intent);

How do I customize YouTube player controls on Android?

Get the YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi. jar

  1. First, you have to Download the latest of a version of YouTube Android Player API.
  2. After download, extract it. Once extracted, you can find YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi. jar file inside libs folder.
  3. Paste the YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi. jar file in your project’s libs folder.

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How do you play videos on flutter?

To play videos, the Flutter team provides the video_player plugin.

Play and pause the video.

  1. Add the video_player dependency. …
  2. Add permissions to your app. …
  3. Create and initialize a VideoPlayerController. …
  4. Display the video player.

How do you play YouTube on flutter?

First of all, add the YoutubePlayer widget to display video in your Flutter application. showVideoProgressIndicator – to true to display a progress bar at the time of buffering. initialVideoId – add YouTube ID to display video. The plugin also provides a method to extract the video-id from the URL.

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