How To Wipe Android Phone Before Selling?

How to wipe your Android

  • Step 1: Start by backing up your data.
  • Step 2: Deactivate factory reset protection.
  • Step 3: Log out of your Google accounts.
  • Step 4: Delete any saved passwords from your browsers.
  • Step 5: Remove your SIM card and any external storage.
  • Step 6: Encrypt your phone.
  • Step 7: Upload dummy data.

Does factory reset remove all data?

After encrypting your phone data, you can safely Factory reset your phone. However, it should be noted that all data will be deleted so if you would like to save any data make a backup of it first. To Factory Reset your phone go to: Settings and tap on Backup and reset under the heading “PERSONAL”.

How do I delete everything off my Android phone?

Go to Settings > Backup & reset. Tap Factory data reset. On the next screen, tick the box marked Erase phone data. You can also choose to remove data from the memory card on some phones – so be careful what button you tap on.

How do I wipe my Samsung phone before selling it?

Step 2: Remove your Google account from the device. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts, tap your account and then remove. Step 3: If you have a Samsung device, remove your Samsung account from the phone or tablet as well. Step 4: Now you can wipe the device with a factory reset.

How do I clean my phone before selling it?

  1. Take out the SIM card. The first thing to do when preparing an old phone for a new home is to get your SIM card out.
  2. Unmount/remove the memory card. If you have a phone with a microSD card slot, then remove the SD card.
  3. Erase your data. The next thing to do is to wipe your data from the phone itself.
  4. Clean it.
  5. Rebox it.

Does factory reset remove all data permanently?

Factory-resetting an Android device works in a similar way. The phone reformats its drive, designating the old data on it as logically deleted. It means that the pieces of data are not permanently erased, but writing over them has been made possible.

Should I factory reset my phone before selling?

Here are four essential steps you must take before you seal the envelope and send your device to a trade-in service or to your carrier.

  • Back up your phone.
  • Encrypt your data.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • Remove any SIM or SD cards.
  • Clean the phone.

How do I securely wipe my Android phone?

From there enter your password, tap on your account, and then choose More > Remove Account. Go to Settings > Security > Encrypt phone to begin the process. On Samsung Galaxy hardware, go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Protect Encrypted Data. You will be guided through the process.

How do I delete everything on my Samsung phone?


  1. Open the App menu on your Samsung Galaxy. It’s a menu of all the apps installed on your device.
  2. Tap the. icon on the menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap Backup and reset. This option will open your phone’s reset menu.
  4. Tap Factory data reset. This will open a new page.

What is wipe data in Android?

Wipe means remove or eliminate something completely. For flash lover, it means to wipe cell phone data. The most exactly meaning of wipe in IT industry is: Wipe means to make your cell phone back to the factory settings and all the data including contacts, messages, apps are all deleted.

How do I reset my Samsung phone to factory settings?

  • Simultaneously press and hold the power button + volume up button + home key until the Samsung logo appears, then release only the power button.
  • From the Android system recovery screen, select wipe data/factory reset.
  • Select Yes — delete all user data.
  • Select reboot system now.

How do I wipe my Galaxy s6 before selling?

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to permanently erase your Galaxy S6 and ensure your data is wiped clean.

3 Steps to Permanently Erase Your Samsung Galaxy S6. Protect Your Data before You Sell

  1. STEP 1: Encrypt your data.
  2. STEP 2: Reset your Galaxy S6.
  3. STEP 3: Overwrite old data (optional)

How do you wipe a Samsung s8?

You need to enable W-Fi Calling manually if you want to use it.

  • Ensure the device is powered off.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time. Release all buttons when the Phone vibrates.
  • From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Select Yes.
  • Select Reboot system now.

Is it safe to sell your old phone?

First of all it is totally safe to sell your old cellphone. For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to “blacklist” the phone using its IMEI number.

How do I clear my Samsung before selling?

Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy Phone

  1. Unlock your Samsung phone and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Backup & Reset”.
  3. Scroll down the screen and tap on “Factory Data Reset”.
  4. Warning: Data deletion is not permanent and can be easily retrieved with any data recovery tool.

Should I remove SIM card before selling phone?

If your old phone has a removable memory card slot (typically holding either an SD or Micro SD card), remove the card and keep it. You don’t need to include it in the sale of the old phone, and keeping it prevents you from having to securely wipe the data on it. Remove the SIM card.

Does a factory reset delete everything Samsung?

Android’s Factory Reset Doesn’t Delete Everything. When selling an old phone, the standard procedure is to restore the device to factory settings, wiping it clean of any personal data.

What happens if I wipe data/factory reset?

If that is what you meant there, then your device won’t boot after that because there is no OS installed. To clear your confusion factory reset only set your device back to the default settings when you buy it. Means it will wipe your downloaded apps, cache, saved data, contacts, messages etc..

Does factory reset make phone faster?

Last and but not least, the ultimate option to make your Android phone faster is to perform a factory reset. You can consider it if your device has slowed down to the level that can’t do basic things. First is to visit Settings and use the factory reset option present there.

Can data be recovered from a factory reset phone?

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a nice choice. It can help you effectively recover all person media data such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, music files, documents on the Android phone lost due to factory reset. It is an extremely hard situation to recover data after factory reset on an Android Phone.

How do you wipe a locked Android phone?

Press and hold the power button, then press and release the volume up button. Now you should see “Android Recovery” written on the top together with some options. By pressing the volume down button, go down the options until “Wipe data/factory reset” is selected. Press the power button to select this option.

How do I wipe my Android phone remotely?

Remotely find, lock, or erase

  • Go to and sign in to your Google Account. If you have more than one device, click the lost device at the top of the screen.
  • The lost device gets a notification.
  • On the map, see about where the device is.
  • Pick what you want to do.

What does factory reset do Samsung?

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset or master reset, is an effective, last resort method of troubleshooting for mobile phones. It will restore your phone to its original factory settings, erasing all your data in the process.

How do I completely wipe my Android phone?

To wipe your stock Android device, head to the “Backup & reset” section of your Settings app and tap the option to for “Factory Data Reset.” The wiping process will take some time, but once it’s finished, your Android will reboot and you will see the same welcome screen you saw the first time you booted it up.

What happens android factory reset?

Factory reset Android in Recovery Mode. If your phone is so messed up that you can’t access your Settings menu, there’s still hope. You can reset in Recovery mode, using just the buttons of your phone. If possible, back up your phone’s data first, as this process will remove all data from your phone’s internal storage.

How do I wipe my phone?

How to Wipe Your Cell Phone

  1. On your home screen, go to “Settings”
  2. Click “General”
  3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Reset”
  4. Click “Erase All Content and Settings”
  5. Click “Erase iPhone”

How do I perform a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy s6?

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Press and hold the Volume up, Home and Power buttons until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • The start-up screen will appear briefly, followed by the hard reset menu.
  • Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button.
  • Press the Power button.

How do you wipe a phone that wont turn on?

2 Answers

  1. To do so hold the volume up, home button and power button simultaneously.
  2. Once you are in Recovery Mode Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button.

How do I factory reset my Galaxy s8+?

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android)

  • Press and hold the Volume up, Power and Bixby buttons until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • The start-up screen will appear briefly, followed by the hard reset menu.
  • Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button.
  • Press the Power button.

How do you factory reset a galaxy s8 plus?

Reset your Galaxy S8 from the recovery menu

  1. Hold the Volume up, Bixby, and Power buttons at the same time, and keep them held down until you see the Samsung logo.
  2. After 30 seconds, you should see the Android Recovery Menu.
  3. Press the Volume down button four times, until Wipe data/Factory reset is highlighted.

How do I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy s9?

Hard Reset

  • With the Galaxy S9 powered off, press and hold the “Volume Up” and “Bixby” buttons.
  • Continue to hold both buttons, then press and release the “Power” button to power the device on.
  • Release all buttons when the Samsung logo appears.
  • Use the volume buttons to toggle the selection to “Wipe data / factory reset“.

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