Quick Answer: How To View All Pictures In Text Messages Android?

Open the Messages app, tap the conversation containing the text message and then tap the text message containing the picture you want to download.

Tap the picture’s thumbnail to view the picture.

Tap the disk icon in the top corner of the picture to download the picture to your Android device.

How do I view pictures from text messages on Android?

Go to the Play store and search for “save mms”, install the “Save MMS” app, then go to the App Drawer and run the app. The app extracts all attachments (pictures, audio, video, etc.) from your MMS text messages. Scroll through the list of images until you find the image you want to save and tap on it.

Where does Android store pictures from text messages?

How to easily save pictures from texts on Android

  • Simply install a free (ad-supported) copy of Save MMS attachments on your Android device, open it, and you’ll see all available pictures.
  • Next, tap the Save icon in the bottom-right corner, and all images will be added to your gallery in the Save MMS folder.

How can I see all photos in text messages?

Scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see all the images you and your friend have sent each other. Tap and hold one of the images until options appear; tap More. Now you can select as many of the images as you’d like. Tap each image you want to save.

How do I automatically save pictures from text messages on Android?

Save Photos From MMS Message on Android Phone

  1. Tap on the Messenger app and open the MMS message thread that contains the photo.
  2. Tap and hold on the Photo until you see a menu at the top of your screen.
  3. From the menu, tap on the Save attachment icon (See image above).
  4. The photo will be saved to Album named “Messenger”
  5. Tap on the Photos App.

Where are SMS stored on Android?

Text messages on Android are stored in the /data/data/.com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db.

How do I view a multimedia message?

On the messaging app, (without opening any thread), tap on the menu key and go to Settings.

  • Scroll down to Multimedia message (MMS) Settings section and turn off “Auto-retrieve”
  • Next time you view the message, the message will display a download button.
  • Make sure your mobile data is on, and tap on the button.

Where are my pictures on android?

Photos taken on Camera (standard Android app) are stored on either a memory card or phone memory depending on the settings. The location of photos is always the same – it’s DCIM/Camera folder. The full path looks like this: /storage/emmc/DCIM – if the images are on phone memory.

Where did my pictures go on my Android?

Answer: Steps to recover deleted photos from Android Gallery:

  1. Go to the folder with the Gallery file on Android,
  2. Find .nomedia file on your phone and delete it,
  3. Photos and images on Android are stored on SD card (the DCIM/Camera folder);
  4. Check if your phone reads the memory card,
  5. Unmount SD card from your phone,

How do I view folders on android?


  • Open your Android’s app drawer. It’s the icon with 6 to 9 small dots or squares at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Tap File Manager. The name of this app varies by phone or tablet.
  • Tap a folder to browse.
  • Tap a file to open it in its default app.

Where are iMessage photos stored?

How to find your iMessage archive

  1. On your Mac, go to Messages and then open the Preferences.
  2. Under General, make sure that you check off the box for “Save history when conversations are closed.
  3. Launch your Finder, click on Go in the menu bar, and click on Go to folder.
  4. Type in ** /Library/Messages**.

How do I look at old messages on my iPhone?

You can easily find old messages on iPhone without scrolling with search bar on iMessages.

  • Tap Message app.
  • While viewing the Messages list, swipe down with your finger to expose the search box.
  • Enter the search string/keywords/phone number in the search box and the results list will automatically update as you type.

How do I delete pictures from text messages on Android?

How to delete a text message thread

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap and hold on the thread itself, and not on the contact picture.
  3. Select the trash icon (or Delete on a Samsung Galaxy phone) on the upper right hand corner.
  4. Tap Ok to confirm deletion.

How do I put my picture on my text messages android?

Anyway I kept at it on my own and this is what worked for me:

  • Go into your text message history.
  • Tap on your “shadow” figure.
  • Tap on your menu icon at the bottom of your phone.
  • Tap on “Edit”
  • Tap on your “shadow” figure.
  • Tap on “Gallery”
  • Tap on photo from your gallery.
  • Save.

How do you save a picture from a text message on a Samsung Galaxy?

Save Image From MMS Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Open the message thread that contains the photo from the “Messages” app.
  2. Tap and hold the image until a menu appears.
  3. Select “Save attachment“.

How to Save an Image From Your Android Web Browser

  • First load the image you want to download. Make sure it’s not a “thumbnail” of the picture, the the picture itself.
  • An ‘options’ window will appear. From that list, select Save image.
  • Now launch your photo Gallery App.
  • Inside, you’ll find a new Album called Download.

Can I recover deleted text messages android?

But the good news is, you can still recover the deleted messages or restore the old text messages so long as they are not overwritten by new data. You’ll learn how to restore deleted text messages on Android devices with or without computer step by step.

Can you recover deleted pictures from text messages?

Method 1: Directly scan your iPhone to recover deleted picture & messages. This iPhone recovery software scans your entire iPhone and allows you to gain access to all your deleted pictures and messages. You can then decide which ones you want to recover and save them to your computer.

Are text messages saved forever?

Probably not—although there are exceptions. Most cell phone carriers don’t permanently save the enormous amount of text-message data that is sent between users every day. But even if your deleted text messages are off your carrier’s server, they may not be gone forever.

How do I view multimedia messages on android?

1 Answer

  1. Scroll down to Multimedia message (MMS) Settings section and turn off “Auto-retrieve”
  2. Next time you view the message, the message will display a download button.
  3. Make sure your mobile data is on, and tap on the button. The image will be retrieved and displayed inline on Galaxy S.

How can I receive MMS messages on android?

Check the Android phone’s network connection if you can’t send or receiving MMS messages. An active cellular data connection is required to use the MMS function. Open the phone’s Settings and tap “Wireless and Network Settings.” Tap “Mobile Networks” to confirm it is enabled.

What does auto retrieve mean on my Android?

As far as I know it means it will download pics automatically when you receive an MMS instead of you having to tap download when you open the message.

How do I view all files on Android?

  • Search for files: Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner of the screen to search for files on your Android device’s storage.
  • Choose between list and grid view: Tap the menu button and select either “Grid view” or “List view” to toggle between the two.

How do I access internal storage on Android?

Tap it to open the device’s Settings menu. Select “Storage.” Scroll down the Settings menu to locate the “Storage” option, and then tap on it to access the Device Memory screen. Check the phone’s total and available storage space.

Where are my downloaded files on Android?


  1. Open the app drawer. This is the list of apps on your Android.
  2. Tap Downloads, My Files, or File Manager. The name of this app varies by device.
  3. Select a folder. If you only see one folder, tap its name.
  4. Tap Download. You may have to scroll down to find it.

How do I move pictures from Google Photos to my android?

Download all photos or videos

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app .
  • Tap Menu Settings .
  • Under Google Photos, turn on Auto Add.
  • At the top, tap Back .
  • Find and open the Google Photos folder.
  • Select the folder you want to download.
  • Select your photos and videos.
  • Tap More Download .

How do I save pictures from the Internet to my gallery?

To capture an image off the Internet, follow these steps:

  1. Click and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on on of the images below until a dialog box appears.
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer, select “Download image to disk.”
  3. A box pops up asking you where you want to save the image to.

Here’s how to save a picture from a Mail message:

  • Open the message in Mail that contains the picture.
  • If the file has not been downloaded from the server, just click on it and it will download and appear on the screen.
  • Tap and hold your finger down on the image and a box will pop up with three options.

How do I view MMS on Samsung Galaxy s8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ – Auto Receive Messages

  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up or down to display all apps.
  2. Tap Messages . If prompted to change the default SMS app, tap NEXT > YES to confirm.
  3. Tap the Menu icon (upper-right).
  4. Tap Settings then tap More Settings.
  5. Tap Multimedia messages.
  6. Tap the switch for either of the following to turn on or off .

How do I download a MMS message?

Again, setting up MMS auto-retrieval is a quick and easy process. First, open up your text messaging app. Next, in the right hand corner, tap the three-dot menu button and select Settings. Finally, scroll down to auto-retrieve and make sure the box is checked.

Where are saved images on Android?

Step 2: Tap on an image of interest and press the star icon to the bottom right of the image. Step 3: After saving, you’ll see a new banner display that lets you view all saved images. You can tap this, or head to www.google.com/save to see all saved images. Right now this URL only works from your mobile device.

How do I save pictures from text messages on my Android?

How to Save Photos from Text Messages on iPhone

  • Open the text conversation with the image in the Messages app.
  • Locate the image you want to save.
  • Tap and hold the image until options appear.
  • Tap Save. Your image will save to your gallery.

How do I transfer photos from Google photos to gallery?

Google Photos app has Save to device option for us to move pictures from Google Photos to Gallery, but only one photo at a time. Step 1 Open Google Photos on your phone. Select the photo you want to download to Gallery. Step 2 Tap the three dot icon on the top and select Save to the device.

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