Quick Answer: How To Unlock Locked Android Phone Without Losing Data?

How do I bypass the lock screen on my Samsung without losing data?

Ways 1. Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Pattern, Pin, Password and Fingerprint without Losing Data

  • Connect your Samsung phone. Install and launch the software on your computer and select “Unlock” among all the toolkits.
  • Choose the mobile phone model.
  • Enter into download mode.
  • Download recovery package.
  • Remove Samsung lock screen.

How do I unlock my Samsung tablet if I forgot my password without losing data?

Steps to Remove the Lock Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab Without Losing Data

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to computer.
  2. Select device model.
  3. Enter into Download Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  4. Download recovery package.
  5. Remove the lock screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab without losing data.

How do you bypass the lock screen on a Samsung?

Method 1. Use ‘Find My Mobile’ feature on Samsung Phone

  • First of all, set up your Samsung account and log in.
  • Click “Lock My Screen” button.
  • Enter new PIN in the first field.
  • Click “Lock” button at the bottom.
  • Within few minutes, it will change lock screen password to the PIN so that you can unlock your device.

How do I unlock my kindle fire without resetting it?

On the lock screen, swipe from the right side edge of the screen. Enter an incorrect password or PIN five times. You will be prompted to reset your device or wait 30 seconds to try again. Tap Reset to reset your device to factory defaults.

How do I bypass pattern lock on Galaxy s7?

Bypass Pattern/Password on Samsung Galaxy S7 Lock Screen

  1. Run Program and Select “Android Lock Screen Removal” Feature. First of all, run Android Lock Screen Removal tool and click “More Tools”.
  2. Step 2.Enter Locked Samsung into the Download Mode.
  3. Step 3.Download Recovery Package for Samsung.
  4. Bypass Pattern/Password on Galaxy S7 Lock Screen.

How do I reset my Galaxy s7 without losing data?

While continuing to hold volume up and home, press and hold the Power button until RECOVERY BOOTING appears in the upper-left then release all buttons. From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset. Utilize the volume buttons to cycle through the available options and the power button to select.

How do you unlock a Samsung Tab A when you forgot the password?

3 Answers

  • With the device off, press and hold Volume Up, Power and Home button.
  • Release the Power button when you see the Samsung logo, but continue to hold Volume Up until the recovery screen appears.
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate the menu and select wipe data / factory reset.
  • Press Volume Up continue.

How do I unlock my Samsung tablet if I forgot the pattern?

Forgotten screen lock.

  1. Turn your tablet off.
  2. Hold the volume down key.
  3. Turn your tablet on.
  4. Using the volume down key, highlight Wipe data/factory reset and press the power key to select.
  5. Press the volume up key.

How do you unlock a Samsung phone if you forgot the password?

Go to “wipe data/factory reset” by using the volume down key. Select “Yes, delete all user data” on the device. Step 3. Reboot system, the phone lock password has been deleted, and you will see an unlock phone.

How do I bypass the emergency call on my Samsung lock screen?


  • Lock the device with a “secure” pattern, PIN, or password.
  • Activate the screen.
  • Press “Emergency Call”.
  • Press the “ICE” button on the bottom left.
  • Hold down the physical home key for a few seconds and then release.
  • The phone’s home screen will be displayed – briefly.

How do I turn off PIN lock on Android?

Turn on / off

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Lock screen and security.
  4. Tap Screen lock type.
  5. Tap one of the following options: Swipe. Pattern. PIN. Password. Fingerprint. None (To turn off screen lock.)
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the desired screen lock option.

How do I disable screen lock on Android?

How to Disable the Lock Screen in Android

  • Open Settings. You can find Settings in the app drawer or by tapping the cog icon in the upper-right corner of the notification shade.
  • Select Security.
  • Tap Screen Lock. Select None.

How do you unlock a Kindle if you forgot the password?

On the lock screen, swipe from the right side edge of the screen. Enter an incorrect password or PIN (at least characters in length) five times. You will be prompted to reset your device or wait 30 seconds to try again. Tap Reset to reset your device to factory defaults.

How do you reset a Frozen Fire tablet?

Troubleshooting Frozen Screen. Press and hold, or slide and hold, the Power button for a full 40 seconds. Even after the screen goes blank, continue to hold for 40 seconds, then let go. Press or slide the power button to restart if the device does not start up again on its own.

How do you factory reset a locked Amazon Fire tablet?

Factory Reset. Press and release the “Power” button to activate your second-generation Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the device options, and then tap “More” to display the Settings menu. Tap “Device” and select “Reset to Factory Defaults.”

How do I bypass the Google verify your account?

FRP bypass for ZTE instructions

  1. Reset the phone and power it back on.
  2. Choose your preferred language, then tap on Start.
  3. Connect the phone to a Wifi Network (preferably your Home network)
  4. Skip several steps of the setup until you reach the Verify Account screen.
  5. Tap on the email field, in order to activate the keyboard.

How do I bypass pin lock on Galaxy s7?

How To Bypass Screen Lock On Galaxy S7

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Touch Lock screen and security > Screen lock type.
  • Select an option and then follow the on-screen prompts to set a screen lock.

How do I unlock my phone with Google?

How to Unlock Your Android Device Using Android Device Manager

  1. Visit: google.com/android/devicemanager, on your computer or any other mobile phone.
  2. Sign in with the help of your Google login details that you had used in your locked phone as well.
  3. In the ADM interface, choose the device you want to unlock and then select “Lock”.
  4. Enter a temporary password and click on “Lock” again.

How do you unfreeze a Samsung Galaxy s7?

All owners need to do is press the power and volume-down buttons at the same time, and hold both down for 7-8 seconds. Push, hold, and wait. After 7-8 seconds the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will vibrate, turn off, and reboot.

How do I unlock my galaxy s7 without a password?

Re: forgot password samsung s7 active

  • With the device powered off, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons together until Android Recovery appears.
  • Press Volume Down until Wipe Data/Factory Reset is highlighted, then press the Power button to confirm.
  • After it is complete, please select Reboot system now.
  • Done.

How do I restore my Samsung Galaxy s7 to factory settings?

How to factory reset the Galaxy S7

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the Notification Shade.
  2. Tap the Settings button. It looks like a gear.
  3. Swipe up to scroll down on the settings screen.
  4. Tap Backup and reset.
  5. Tap Factory data reset.

How do you reset a locked Android phone?

Press and hold the power button, then press and release the volume up button. Now you should see “Android Recovery” written on the top together with some options. By pressing the volume down button, go down the options until “Wipe data/factory reset” is selected. Press the power button to select this option.

How do I recover my Samsung password?

Step 1:Take your Samsung device and click on the Apps screen. From there, head to Settings, then tap on the General tab, choose Accounts and pick Samsung account from the list. Enter Account Settings and then the help section. You will see the Forgot your ID or password.

How do you fix a frozen fire tablet?

Hold the power button down for 40 seconds or until your tablet restarts. If it does not automatically restart after 40 seconds, release the power button and press it again to turn on your tablet. If it’s still slow after you restart, then try a reset: Swipe down from the top of your home screen.

How do I reset my Amazon Fire tablet without password?

Note: Your Kindle Fire lock screen password or PIN is different from your Amazon account password.

  • On the lock screen, swipe from the right side edge of the screen.
  • Enter an incorrect password or PIN five times.
  • Tap Reset to reset your device to factory defaults.

How do I reset Amazon freetime?

To reset your Fire tablet:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Device Options, and then tap Reset to Factory Defaults.
  3. Tap Reset to confirm.

How do I unlock my Amazon Fire tablet?

From the list of devices registered to your Amazon account, select your Fire tablet. Select the Device Actions drop-down menu, and select Remote Lock. Enter and then confirm a new password or PIN, and select Lock Device. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to unlock your device.

How do I reset my Amazon Prime pin?

To create or change your Prime Video PIN:

  • Go to Prime Video Settings – Parental Controls from your web browser.
  • Open the Prime Video PIN section under Parental Controls.
  • Enter the number to set up your PIN. Select Reset your PIN to change your current PIN.
  • Select Save.

How do you factory reset Kindle Fire when it wont turn on?

To unlock the Kindle Fire, do a reset by holding down the power button for 20 seconds or more. Then turn the device back on by hitting the power button again. If this doesn’t work the first time, try holding the button down for 30 seconds or more.

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