Question: How To Transfer Sms From Android To Android?

Method 1 Using a Transfer App

  • Download an SMS backup app on your first Android.
  • Open the SMS backup app.
  • Connect your Gmail account (SMS Backup+).
  • Start the backup process.
  • Set your backup location (SMS Backup & Restore).
  • Wait for the backup to complete.
  • Transfer the backup file to your new phone (SMS Backup & Restore).

How do I transfer text messages from Android to Android?


  1. Download Droid Transfer 1.34 and Transfer Companion 2.
  2. Connect your Android device (quick start guide).
  3. Open the “Messages” tab.
  4. Create a backup of your messages.
  5. Disconnect the phone, and connect the new Android device.
  6. Choose which messages to transfer from the backup to the phone.
  7. Hit “Restore”!

How do I transfer messages from Android to Android using Bluetooth?

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on both Android devices and pair them by confirming the passcode. Now, go to the Messaging app on the source device and select the messages that you wish to transfer. Go to its Settings and choose to “Send” or “Share” the selected SMS threads.

Can you transfer text messages to a new Android phone?

SMS Backup+ app can be downloaded in Google Play, which requires IMAP access to your Gmail account to function. By using this app, you can easily backup all your SMS & MMS messages on your old Android phone to your Gamil/Google account, and then you are able to transfer SMS to your new Android device.

How do I transfer messages from old phone to new phone?

How to move messages from Android to Android, using SMS Backup & Restore:

  • Download SMS Backup & Restore onto both your new and old phone and ensure they’re both connected to the same Wifi network.
  • Open up the app on both phones, and hit “Transfer”.
  • The phones will then search for each other over the network.
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