Quick Answer: How To Open Mobi Files On Android?


  • Download eReader Prestigio from the Play Store. This free app supports many ebook file types, including epub and MOBI.
  • Open eReader Prestigio. It’s the open book icon in the app drawer.
  • Tap Skip.
  • Tap the ≡ menu.
  • Tap Files.
  • Browse to the folder that contains the MOBI file.
  • Tap the MOBI file.

What app opens Mobi files?

Some notable free programs that can open MOBI files include Calibre, Stanza Desktop, Sumatra PDF, Mobi File Reader, FBReader, Okular, and Mobipocket Reader. MOBI files can also be read by popular eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and many smartphones that support the format.

Where do I put Mobi files on my Android?

Save the MOBI file to a convenient location on your computer, such as the desktop. On your device, tap the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store icon then find the Kindle for Android app and install it.

How do I open a Mobi file?

Save the mobi file to a location you will be able to find easily. Download and install Kindle for PC as instructed in the link. (You will need to have an Amazon account – free.) Go to the mobi file that you saved, right click, select ‘Open with’ >’Kindle for PC’, and the ebook will (should) open.

How do I open a Mobi file on my Android Kindle app?

  1. Download or email a .mobi file to your iPhone or iPad. Start by opening the Kindle app.
  2. Download or save a .mobi file to your Android device. On your Android device, go to your home screen then open your ‘File Manager’ or ‘File Explorer.’
  3. Install the Kindle for PC on your computer.
  4. Open ‘Settings’ on the Kindle.

How do I open a Mobi file on Android Kindle?

How to open a Mobi file on a Kindle – Part Two

  • Download the Mobi file to your computer.
  • Go to Amazon’s website and log in to your account.
  • Click on Your Account and then scroll down to the Digital Content section and select Manage Your Kindle or Manage your Content and Devices (see right).
  • Select Personal Document Settings.

Where is the Kindle folder on Android?

TL;DR. The ebooks of the Amazon Kindle app can be found on your Android phone in PRC format below the folder /data/media/0/Android/data/com.amazon.kindle/files/.

How do I view Mobi files in books?

Click the Convert Books button on the menu at the top of the window. Click the MOBI Output button in the menu on the left edge of the Convert window. Look for the Kindle Options section in the middle of the window. You should see a box labled Personal Doc tag.

How do I get Mobi files onto my Kindle?

How Do I Transfer the Mobi File to Kindle

  1. Turn your Kindle on.
  2. Connect the Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that came with your Kindle.
  3. Drag and drop the “.mobi” Ebook file into the documents folder on your Kindle.

How do I add books to my Kindle app on Android?

1 Connect your Android tablet or smart phone to PC. 2 Go to the “Kindle” folder of your Android device storage. Copy and paste the MOBI books to that folder. 3 Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of Kindle app, then select “On Device” to check the transferred books.

How do I convert Mobi files?

To convert your MOBI eBook to PDF format, first drag and drop the eBook file to the upload zone or click the “Add file” button instead. Set the margin and page format for the output PDF files and click the “Convert to PDF” button. Save the created PDF file to your local drive.

How do I edit Mobi files?


  • Install calibre on your computer.
  • Download the EPUB version of the open textbook you’d like to edit.
  • Open the textbook in calibre.
  • Click on “Add books” to add your book.
  • Click on “Edit book” to launch the editor.
  • Double click the section/chapter of the text you want to edit.
  • Add/delete/modify the text.

Can Google books read Mobi?

If you own a .mobi file (Amazon’s proprietary eBook format), say because you created an eBook yourself or downloaded it from Smashwords, you can’t even read that .mobi file in the Kindle app if you have it saved on your Android device, as you can read ePub and PDFs in Play Books.

How do I send a Mobi file to my Kindle app?

Find the mobi file you saved in step 1 and drag-and-drop it into the Documents panel on the right-hand side. Wait for the file to transfer and safely eject the device from your computer. Open the Kindle app and the mobi file should appear on the app’s Device Library screen.

How do I add books to my Kindle app?

Import ebooks from your Kindle

  1. Download Kindle app for iOS.
  2. Register the Kindle app with your Amazon account.
  3. Import only the books you want.
  4. Cloud tab.
  5. Device tab.
  6. Find the article you want to save.
  7. Open share menu and select Send to Kindle.
  8. Choose options and send the article.

How do I add Mobi files to my Kindle library?

Attach the file to an email, send it to your Kindle’s email address (with any subject, and nothing in the body of the email), and it should appear on your Kindle shortly. You can also drag and drop the file onto your Kindle if you attach the device to your PC with a USB cable.

How do I convert a Mobi file to PDF?

Here’s how to convert MOBI to PDF using this app.

  • Install the app on your iDevice.
  • Choose a way to add your file to convert. (
  • From “To” section, tap “PDF Document (.pdf)” and then hit “Convert” button.
  • Wait for the app to finish the conversion, and then you can open or share the file you convert.

Where are Kindle books stored on Android?

Reading Kindle Books

  1. But remember, just because the book is visible in the carousel when you open your kindle App, it doesn’t mean that it is stored on your device.
  2. \Internal storage\Android\data\com.amazon.kindle\files\ or \sdvard\Android\data\com.amazon.kindle\files\

How do I add EPUB to my Kindle app?

  • at the bottom of the Kindle Documents list window, click the Add File button (see image)
  • in the browser that opens, scroll to where your AZK file is located on your computer.
  • select the Kindle ebook AZK file and click Open.
  • add the ebook to your Kindle Library.

How do I add Mobi files to my Android Kindle app?

To add a mobi file to your kindle app for android, follow these steps below.

  1. 1 Connect Android to computer.
  2. 2 Copy mobi to Kindle folder.
  3. 3 Launch Kindle app on Android.
  4. 1 Connect IOS device to computer.
  5. 2 Copy mobi using file sharing.
  6. 3 Open kindle app on iPad/iPhone.
  7. 1 Find Kindle directory.
  8. 2 Add mobi to kindle folder.

Is there a Kindle app for Android?

You can read a Kindle book via the Kindle app on your Samsung tablet and on your smartphone. If you have the Kindle app on both the Samsung Tablet and your Android phone, the library ebook should sync with both as long as the app is registered to the same account on both devices.

Where are EPUB files stored on Android?

If you want to add books you downloaded on your computer, the books are stored in: /data/data/com.google.android.apps.books/files/accounts/{your google account}/volumes , and when you are inside the “volumes” folder you will see some folders with a name that is some code for that book.

How do I convert PDF to Mobi on Kindle?

How to convert a PDF to a MOBI file?

  • Choose the PDF file that you want to convert.
  • Select MOBI as the the format you want to convert your PDF file to.
  • Click “Convert” to convert your PDF file.

How do I open a Mobi file on my iPad?


  1. E-mail the MOBI file to yourself. The Kindle app only displays MOBI books you purchased through the app.
  2. Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Tap the message that contains the MOBI file.
  4. Tap Tap to Download.
  5. Tap the Kindle icon.
  6. Tap Copy to Kindle.

How do I convert ePUB to Kindle?

Add any EPUB files you’ve got that you want to convert. Select the EPUB files you want to convert and click “Convert books” in the top bar. Select your options. Calibre should have automatically decided on the MOBI format if you use a Kindle as your primary reader.

How do I add books to my Kindle library?

Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and locate the content you want to transfer to your Kindle. Select the Actions button next to the title, and click Download & Transfer via USB. From the drop-down menu, select your Kindle, and then click Download.

How do I transfer from Android to kindle?

Send to Kindle for Android allows you to send documents to your Kindle devices and reading apps.

Send Documents

  • Open a personal document in an Android app that supports sharing a file.
  • Tap the application’s Share icon or button, and then select Amazon Send to Kindle from the available sharing methods.

How do I open a PDF in Kindle app?

  1. Download Send-to-Kindle App on Amazon. Run on your device.
  2. Login into your Amazon account.
  3. Drag and drop PDFs into the program. Then click “Send to Kindle”.
  4. You will get the PDF file in your Personal Documents Library.

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