Question: How To Make Wifi Calls On Android?

How do I make WiFi calls from my Android phone?

To set up Wi-Fi calling on most phones:

  • Go to your phone’s Wireless and Network Settings.
  • Select the More or More Networks option.
  • Find Wi-Fi Calling and enable it.

How do I make WiFi calls?

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  1. Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and make sure that Wi-Fi Calling is on.
  2. Restart your iPhone.
  3. Connect to a different Wi-Fi network. Not all Wi-Fi networks work with Wi-Fi Calling.
  4. Turn Wi-Fi Calling off and then on again.
  5. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings.

How do I use WiFi calling on my Samsung?

How do I switch WiFi Calling on?

  • connect your phone to WiFi.
  • from the home screen, tap Phone.
  • tap the Menu icon.
  • tap Settings.
  • scroll down to the Wi-Fi calling switch and toggle it On.

Can I make WiFi calls without service?

Rest assured that your phone will operate just fine without active service from a carrier, leaving it as a Wifi-only device. Great apps like Hangouts will even let you make VoIP calls without any carrier involvement, provided you’re able to find good Wifi connections.

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