Quick Answer: How To Copy Contact From Iphone To Android?

Method 2 – iCloud

  • Head up to iCloud.com via your computer.
  • Select the contacts that you want to export. either one by one.
  • Click the gear again and select Export vCard.
  • Plug your Android phone to the computer, copy the VCF file to the local storage and import the contacts from the Contacts or People app.

How do you export contacts from iPhone to sim?

Step 1Go to Contacts App on your iPhone, find the contacts you want to transfer to SIM card, select Share Contact and share those contacts via email. Step 2Download vCards shared via email on an Android phone. Connect your Android phone to computer, go to Contacts App, click Import from USB storage.

How do I export contacts from iPhone without iCloud?

How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac with or without iCloud

  1. Contents table:
  2. On your iPhone:
  3. Step 1: Open your iPhone, go to Settings.
  4. Step 2: Click Your Name > iCloud > turn on iCloud service for Contacts.
  5. on your Mac:
  6. Step 3: Open your Mac, click Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  7. Step 4: Check Contacts and click Manage.

How do I export my iPhone contacts to a CSV file?

Backup iPhone contacts in CSV or vCard format

  • Step 1: Open My Contacts Backup app.
  • Step 2: If you want to export your contacts in CSV format, tap the settings icon and then change the export type to CSV from the default vCard.
  • Step 3: Tap the Export button to backup all contacts first.

How do I transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung without iCloud?

If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, this method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android should take no time at all. On your iPhone, go to Settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then choose “Accounts” where you should see “iCloud” listed. Choose this option, then turn on the toggle for “Contacts”.

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