How To Block Websites On Android?

To Block a Website Using Mobile Security

  • Open Mobile Security.
  • On the main page of the app, tap Parental Controls.
  • Tap Website Filter.
  • Toggle Website filter on.
  • Tap Blocked List.
  • Tap Add.
  • Enter a descriptive name and the URL for the unwanted website.
  • Tap Save to add the website to the Blocked List.

Create an account and you’ll see an option called Blocked List in the app. Tap it, and tap Add. Now add the websites you want to block one at a time. Once that is done, you won’t be able to access these websites on your Android smartphone.Then, launch the Play Store app (this is in their user account on the phone or tablet still) and tap the ‘hamburger’ – the three horizontal lines at the top left. Scroll down and tap Settings, then scroll until you see Parental controls. Tap it, and you’ll have to create a PIN code.How to block pop-ups in Chrome (Android)

  • Open Chrome.
  • Tap the three vertical dot menu button in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Settings > Site settings > Pop-ups.
  • Turn on the toggle to allow pop-ups, or turn it off to block pop-ups.

How do I block a website on Chrome in Android?

How to Block Websites on Chrome Android (Mobile)

  1. Open the Google Play Store and install the “BlockSite” app.
  2. Open the downloaded BlockSite app.
  3. “Enable” the app in your phone’s settings to allow the app to block websites.
  4. Tap the green “+” icon to block your first website or app.

How do you block inappropriate websites on Android?

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

  • Enable Safe Search.
  • Use OpenDNS to Block Porn.
  • Use CleanBrowsing app.
  • Funamo Accountability.
  • Norton Family parental control.
  • PornAway (Root only)
  • Cover.
  • 9 Android Apps For Web Developers.

How do I block inappropriate sites on Google Chrome?

Enable Block Site from here and under the “Blocked Sites” tab, you can manually add the URL of the websites you wish to block. Also, you can go to the “Adult Control” section to apply some automatic filters to block adult websites in Google Chrome.

Can I block a website on Chrome?

Visit the Block site extension page on the Chrome web store. Click the Add to Chrome button at the top-right of the page. Select More tools and then Extensions in the menu. On the Block Site Options page, enter the website you want to block in the text box next to the Add page button.

How do I temporarily block a website on Google Chrome?


  1. Open the Block Site page. This is the page from which you’ll install Block Site.
  2. Click Add to Chrome. It’s a blue button in the upper-right side of the page.
  3. Click Add extension when prompted.
  4. Click the Block Site icon.
  5. Click Edit block sites list.
  6. Add a website.
  7. Click +.
  8. Click Account Protection.

How do I block websites on my Android tablet?

Block Websites on Android Phone

  • Next, tap on Safe Surfing option (See image below)
  • Tap on the Blocked List icon, located at the top of your screen (See image below)
  • From the pop-up enter the website address, in the website field and enter the name of the website in the Name field.
  • Next tap on the Safe Surfing option.

How do I block websites on my Samsung Internet app?

Once it’s installed, open the app and tap on the cog wheel in the Internet option. Swipe all the way down until you see the Exclusions option, and tap on websites. Select the green plus sign at the top-right, and add the site you either want to allow or block.

How do I block websites on my phone?

How to block specific websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Restrictions.
  4. Tap Enable Restrictions.
  5. Type a 4-digit password that your children won’t be able to guess.
  6. Type your password again to confirm it.
  7. Tap on Websites under Allowed Content .

How do I block inappropriate content on Google?

Turn SafeSearch on or off

  • Go to Search Settings.
  • Under “SafeSearch filters,” check or uncheck the box next to “Turn on SafeSearch.”
  • At the bottom of the page, select Save.

How do I block websites on Chrome mobile?

Block websites on Chrome Mobile

  1. Choose ‘Privacy’ under “Advanced’ subcategory on the new screen.
  2. And then activate “Safe Browsing’ option.
  3. Now your device is protected by Google form dangerous websites.
  4. Then make certain that pop-ups are stopped.

How do I block inappropriate websites on my Samsung phone?

To set content restrictions on any of the five options, tap on one, then select the rating level you feel appropriate and tap “SAVE”.

  • Method 2: Enable Safe Browsing in Chrome (Lollipop)
  • Method 3: Enable Safe Browsing in Chrome (Marshmallow)
  • Method 4: Block Adult Websites with SPIN Safe Browser App (Free)

How do I set parental controls on Android browser?

Set up parental controls

  1. On the device you want parental controls on, open the Play Store app .
  2. In the top left corner, tap Menu Settings Parental controls.
  3. Turn “Parental controls” On.
  4. Create a PIN.
  5. Tap the type of content you want to filter.
  6. Choose how to filter or restrict access.

How do I temporarily block a website?

  • Blacklist Sites With Applications. If you want to block access to specific websites from your computer for a set number of hours, then install one of the programs below.
  • Blacklist Sites With Browser Apps.
  • Use A Work Only Browser.
  • Use A Work Only User Profile.
  • Airplane Mode.

How do I block a website in incognito mode?

To use an extension in Incognito mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click the menu button in Chrome.
  2. Navigate to More Tools > Extensions.
  3. In the new tab that opens, scroll through the list to find the extension you want to enable while incognito.
  4. Click the “Allow in Incognito” button.

How do I block a website on Explorer?


  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • In the Menu bar click Tools; Internet Options, Content.
  • In the Content Advisor box, click Enable.
  • Click the Approved Sites tab.
  • Enter the address of the website.
  • Click Never and then OK.
  • Click on the General tab.
  • Enter an easy-to-remember password.

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