Does VMware tools install require reboot on Linux?

Guest operating system reboot is not required after upgrading VMware Tools to 10.1. 0 and later on Linux distributions with kernel version 3.3. … 32 will be rebooted if VMXNET hardware is present and the driver is updated. All Linux distributions with kernel versions higher than 3.3 will not be rebooted.

Does uninstalling VMware tools require reboot?

When prompted, allow setup to continue the uninstallation of VMware Tools. After VMware Tools is uninstalled, reboot the virtual machine.

Is it possible to install VMware tools in Linux VM?

To install VMware Tools in a Linux guest operating system using Compiler: Ensure that your Linux virtual machine is powered on. If you are running a GUI interface, open a command shell. … Right Click VM in the virtual machine menu, then click Guest > Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.

How do I update VMware tools on Linux?

Procedure. Select the menu command to mount the VMware Tools virtual disc on the guest operating system. Right-click the virtual machine and select All vCenter Actions > Guest OS > Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.

How do I start VMware tools in Linux?

To work around this issue, you can manually start, stop, or restart VMware Tools with the commands: /etc/vmware-tools/ start. /etc/vmware-tools/ stop. /etc/vmware-tools/ restart.

Can you upgrade VMware tools without reboot?

VMware: Upgrade VMware tools without reboot

by default when upgrading the VMware tools of an VM and a reboot is requested the VM autmatically reboots after installation. But keep in mind: The reboot is still requiered. You have to do it manually.

How do I manually uninstall VMware tools?

To manually remove VM Tools:

  1. Get the VMware Cleanup utility from the link, see Cleaning Up After Incomplete Uninstallation on a Windows Host (1308) .
  2. Run the utility and reboot the Guest machine.
  3. Log on as Administrator and go to regedit.
  4. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionuninstall.

How do I know if VMware tools are installed on Linux?

To check which version of VMware Tools is installed on an x86 Linux VM

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Enter the following command to display the VMware Tools information in Terminal: vmware-toolbox-cmd -v. If VMware Tools isn’t installed, a message displays to indicate this.

Should I use open-VM-tools or VMware tools?

In a nutshell: if a Linux distribution provides open-vm-tools from the distribution’s standard repository and that distribution/release is supported by VMware, VMware supports and actually prefers you to use that. For older releases that don’t include open-vm-tools just use vmware-tools just as before.

How do I manually install VMware tools?


  1. Select the menu command to mount the VMware Tools virtual disc on the guest operating system. …
  2. If you are using vCenter Server and are performing an upgrade or reinstallation, in the Install/Upgrade VMware Tools dialog box, select Interactive Tools Installation or Interactive Tools Upgrade and click OK.

How do I manually update VMware tools?


  1. Start the vSphere Web Client and log in to the vCenter Server.
  2. Select the virtual machines. …
  3. Power on the virtual machines to upgrade.
  4. Right-click your selections.
  5. Select Guest OS > Install/Upgrade VMware Tools and click OK.
  6. Select Interactive Upgrade or Automatic Upgrade and click Upgrade.

What is the current version of VMware tools?

Windows guest drivers installed by VMware Tools

Drivers VMware Tools 11.3.0
pvscsi.sys For Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Release 2: For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 Release 2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019:

How do I check VMware Tools version?

Checking the VMware Tools version

  1. Locate the VMware Tools icon in the System Tray. Move the mouse pointer over the icon. …
  2. To check which version is installed, right-click the VMware Tools icon and select About VMware Tools. The About VMware Tools dialog displays information about the currently installed version.

What is VMware tools for Linux?

VMware Tools is a set of services and modules that enable several features in VMware products for better management of guests operating systems and seamless user interactions with them. VMware Tools has the ability to: … Customize guest operating systems as a part of the vCenter Server and other VMware products.

How do I enable VMware tools?

To install VMware Tools, follow this procedure:

  1. Start the virtual machine.
  2. On the menu of the VMware console window, choose Player→Manage→Install VMware Tools. The dialog box shown here appears. …
  3. Click Download and Install. …
  4. Follow the instructions in the Setup program to install the VMware tools.

What is Vmtoolsd in Linux?

The service passes information between host and guest operating systems. This program, which runs in the background, is called vmtoolsd.exe in Windows guest operating systems, vmware-tools-daemon in Mac OS X guest operating systems, and vmtoolsd in Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris guest operating systems.

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