Why Frameboxx


We pay extra emphasis to the fact that training curriculums require constant and ongoing development which is founded upon long hours of research and interaction with the industry. This coupled with an integrated instructor development and training program which ensures that our highly talented team of instructors are always kept at the helm of technology and are equipped with the finest techno-creative skills translates into the next generation of highly talented artists who are charged up to handle the most challenging production scenarios right from day one. With the Animation, Visual effect and photography courses in Indore we not only craft talent but also help them to get success in their career.

  • 360 Degree of Innovation
  • Quality Services and Global Alliances

Why Frameboxx

We Craft Specialists

We know what the industry wants and that is why the innovative specialization based training at our animation school is designed to craft and palish your skills so you can stand out from the crowd as an expert because after all, a polished diamond is worth more than a bagful of uncut rocks!

We Get You To Where It Matters

We know how to focus your energies on developing the right set of skills so that you follow your passion and become what you've always wanted to be. The curriculum of Frameboxx 3D animation institute stands a class apart from the rest and ensures that you get to where it matters.

We Flaunt The Best of Instructors

Just as no worthy building can last on a weak foundation, the core of a strong animation B visual effects programme are its instructors. At Frameboxx, were proud of the team of professional instructors at our animation institute who bring their experience, innovation and creativity to each lecture.

We Train And Teach Not Senslessly Preach...

An animation a visual effects course should not only teach you the tools of the trade but should first excite your right brain and ignite your creativity. Which is why at Frameboxx animation school, you can trust our courses and expert mentors to train and teach and not senselessly preach.

Our wide experience and knowledge of the animation industry as a leading 3D animation institute gives us the edge when it comes to offering specialized training. Through an innovative and personalized approach we craft and polish your skills to hone you into a complete animation expert. Right from the curriculum design to our handpicked team of professional instructors to the strong infrastructural support of our animation institute, We ensure a blend of innovation and creativity to add new dimensions to your abilities and enhance your learning experience.

Key Highlights & Achievementss

  1. Headed by the most experienced trainers a seniors of the industry
  2. Placement cell has recorded the highest placements from the industry in animation, VFX in central India as it has tie ups with Prime Focus, Xentrics etc. It has highest placements in 2011
  3. We are first to introduce Master Class series 'Expert Baxx" in Indore
  4. The makers of 10 animated short films till date which have won several national B International awards
  5. Bagged IMA Animation Maestro of Central India far three years continuously
  6. Best Designer Awards to Frameboxx in 2011
  7. Worked with a movie 'WISH' produced by pitara animation studio which has won the best animated short film in National Children Film festival 2 013
  8. Frameboxx students won the Best Canon Photography award in 2 010
  9. Students from Frameboxx Indore have grabbed work from Hollywood movies like Life of Pi, Transformer and many more
  10. Hands on experience in live projects including Hollywood a several TVC 's https://francepharma...is/
  11. Students worked on upcoming animated movie 'Jugnu' directed by Kireet Khurana fame 'Taanpur ka Superhero'

Frameboxx is not just any other Media B Entertainment training brand. We invite you to visit your nearest Frameboxx training studio and be a part of this exciting and animated industry.

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