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Redboxx 1

Career Super Specialization Diploma in Animation Visual Effects OVERVIEW

Frameboxx, pioneer in Media B Entertainment Training, set a benchmark in HOB with the introduction of Redboxx I — The only such diploma programme to offer skills specialization. This widely embraced course has created super specialists that have been placed in some of the top studios across the nation. So, when we set out to revise our curriculum, the challenge in-front of us was to create something thats better than the best. We're thus rewriting our own rules by introducing the all new Redboxx III

The new Redboxx 1 course features a completely new teaching paradigm that is in tune with the most relevant and up to date industry conventions and features a completely new set of specialization tracks. You begin your course with a year of foundation studies which prepares you for the career tracks ahead and sets a firm base for things to come.

Thereafter, we offer upto 7 unique career specialization tracks covering a wide range of macro skills that enable you to focus your learning on skills that matter. These tracks feature a world class curriculum taught by only the best instructors. If you're looking for stepping in to the Animation B Visual Effects industry, there is no better option than our brand new Redboxx 1 programme.

Foundation Module | Total Duration : 12 Months

In this 12 month portion of the diploma in visual effects, students learn Pre-Production Skills followed by Computer Graphics and Imagery, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation fundamentals using Autodesk Maya. This sets a foundation for the students to pick a specialization track of their choice and pursue a dedicated study which turns them into a specialist.

Career Specialization Tracks | Totla Duratoin : 8 Months

These B Month Career Specialization tracks are designed to propel your skills to the next level. These tracks have been carefully designed to address the unique demands of the industry. We offer 7 Career Specialization tracks as follows:

  1. CG Asset Development I Modeling 6 Texturing https://rxcar...e-viagra-uk/
  2. CG Asset Development I Texturing, Lighting R Rendering
  3. Rigging N Animation
  4. Compositing 6 Post FX
  5. 3D Visual Effects
  6. Generalist Track
  7. Architectural Pr-Visualization

FOUNDATION MODULE I TOTAL DURATION : 20 Months [foundation : 12 Months Career Track :8 Months ]

Greenboxx 1

A Certificate Corse in Animation & VFX Specialization

The Greenboxx I programme has been designed for artists and professionals who want to up their ante by specializing in Animation Visual Effects with one of our seven world class career specialization curriculum.

Course Outline : Choose 1 from the following career tracks

  1. CG Asset Creation 1 Modeling B Texturing
  2. CG Asset Creation 1 Texturing, Lighting B Rendering
  3. Character Animation
  4. Compositing B Post FX [Rotoscopy 1 Matchmoving 1 Compositing]
  5. Generalist Track
  6. 3D Visual Effects [Particles B Dynamics]
  7. Architectural Pre-visualization


The elective track is an optional add-on track (at an extra cost) for those who have opted for one of our career tracks given above. This track is not available to those who pick CG Asset 1 Texturing, Lighting B Rendering option as the contents are built-in.


Greenboxx 2

A Career Course in Digital Compositing & non-Liner Editing

A certificate course in Non Linear Editing B Digital Compositing The Greenboxx 2 course has been designed for professionals and beginners alike who wish to learn Non Linear Editing, Motion Graphics and Digital Compositing. Using professional Non Linear Editing applications such as Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro B Compositing applications such as Adobe After Effects B Eye on Fusion, this six month programme enables you to learn a complete Editing B Compositing workflow and is an excellent choice especially for professional artists looking for a skills set upgrade to step into the roles of a Non Linear Editor, Motion Graphics Artist and a Compositor.


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