In the digital age, websites and cell phone apps have become indispensible tools for any business. For creating effective website and apps , efficient UI-UX designers are in great demand So. What is UI and UX ?

UI or User interface is the space where interactions with humans in machine occur. It is the design for machines and software such as computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices. With the focus on maximizing usability.

UX or User experience is the overall experience of a person while using a product such as a website or an application on the phone.
In order to fulfill the needs of today’s job market, we at Frameboxx have created the UI/UX design course that empowers you to create UI/UX designs for apps and websites. This comprehensive course takes you through all the stages of the app and website design process.

Software Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch

Artistic Skills

  • Foundation in UI & UX
  • Knowledge of IOS , Android
  • Principles of UI Design
  • Conducting research for App development
  • Strategizing the flow of app design
  • Creating UI Kits
  • Prototyping apps
  • Designing the app UI and Wireframe

The Project You Create:

4 Projects Each project strategically placed in the middle of the course to give you a well deserved high quality portfolio

The time you spend: 5months(6 Days a week)