Game designing

Game design, career for passionate gamer with magnificent imagination and creativity skills to build virtual worlds…

Game designer stands in the industry as a person having handful of creativity and skills to produce a game. Work of game designer is to develop game mechanics, building prototypes, creating interactive narration, etc. Focuses on the user experience by designing easily maintainable systems, also which is comfortable to use injecting lots of fun in it. Games are assigned to different platforms having specific mastery in variety of formats including mobile, virtual and augmented reality, console and PCs. Looking forward to the frequently rising scope in the gaming industry, Frameboxx Indore one of the sub-branch of Frameboxx has started its own expert certification courses in game designing helping students not only to be a part of industry but crafting them in such a way to become industry leaders. Frameboxx courses are oriented in a way that it opens up the path for the aspirants to be the part of highest ranked companies. All these goals can be achieved through determination and hardwork. Game designers work as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes games developers, programmers, games artists, animators and quality assurance testers.


As a game designer, you may work on a design that you’ve conceived yourself or from a pre-approved idea, such as a game based upon a film. Whatever your exact role, you’ll need to:

  • use your creativity to design games for a range of devices and platforms that engage and capture the imagination of the user
  • consider, plan and detail every element of a new game including the setting, rules, story flow, props, vehicles, character interface and modes of play
  • conduct market research to understand what your target audience wants
  • transform a rough idea into a detailed concept and then implement it
  • write scripts and design storyboards
  • work collaboratively with others, including games developers, artists and programmers, to produce a prototype – a small-scale playable version of the game


You’ll need to have:

  • technical ability, in particular familiarisation with a range of programming languages and software technologies and packages such as C#, C++ and Python
  • scripting and design capabilities using software such as Blueprint Visual Scripting within Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
  • a passion for gaming and an understanding of the different hardware platforms available for games
  • communication skills, both verbal and written, to put your ideas across to other members of the team
  • team working skills and the ability to collaborate with others to create the finished game
  • an innovative approach to game design and the ability to come up with new ideas.
  • a willingness and aptitude to learn new technical skills such as version control software.

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