<p>Animation, The word has its own distinct world which relates us with our childhood memories where we spend many hours sitting in front of the television, continuously watching the cartoons,animated movies,etc.But we ever thought about those cartoons,</p>

<h3>How they are created?</h3>

<h3>How they can run or even talk also?</h3>

<p>Answer behind this is only the animation industry who  creates them.Animation Industry is now increasing rapidly as well as providing  great opportunities for the students to make career in this field.So the question arises,</p>

<p>Why Animation course from Frameboxx Indore?Answer behind this is,Frameboxx Indore gives you the best environment and most important thing is the high level education through the industry experts which helps you to grab the opportunities very smoothly. Frameboxx Indore has started its expertise courses in animation which will help you to enter into the world of Animation and to create the ability to frame superheroes, cartoon characters and massive creatures by your own hands.


Here is a list of Specialised Courses by Frameboxx Indore :

<h3>Software Skills*(8 months)</h3>

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Audition

Where you can learn to operate all the following  adobe softwares at the highest level.

<h3>Artistic Skills</h3>

  • Foundation in Animation
  • Animation Principles
  • Art of Editing
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Fundamentals of 3D Assets & Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Color & Visual Appeal

All these courses will furnish you to become an expert in these specializations.

<h3>Skill Specialization *(6 Months-Any One)</h3>

  • Modeling & Texturing (Props | Character | Creatures)
  • Texturing & Lighting(Arnold | Vray | HDR Lighting)
  • Rigging & Animation (Character Rigging | IK FK Switch | Walk Cycle)
  • 3D Dynamics & Effects(FX) (Particle Flow | Krakatoq | FumeFX | RayFire | Maya Hair ,Fur & Cloth
  • Autodesk Maya Dynamics
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Dynamics
  • RealFlow

You can choose any one from these specializations and these courses will help you to develop skills for any project.These developed skills will helps you to master the work in your field.

<h3>Portfolio Development*(2 Months)</h3>

  • Demo Reel creation based on selected skill set

Demo reel creation is done to test learned skills in there specified fields and create there models showing up their experience gained in the defined course.

If you feel like animation & VFX is the right career for you then feel free to give our counselor a call at 930000992, 7805077000. Frameboxx Indore provides more than 12 certified courses which are acceptable all over India. Call us today for a free counseling session.