Have you ever dreamt of making your career in animation? If yes, then you’re at the right path to change your dream into reality. We, Frameboxx Indore acts as a medium through which you can chase your dreams with a handful of skills and well furnished professional personality. These days a major lump of the income in the entertainment industry comes from animated movies, and to join those major income industries, Frameboxx Indore provides the best animation courses through which you can brighten up your professional animation career at the highest level. There are many dream jobs where you can frame your professional career in the field of animation.

Top profiles in Animation industry:

3D Modeler

The job of 3D Modeler is to builds 3d characters and make use of the environment based concept to create a model.Majorly, modeler creates the model’s skin or surfaces, paint it and then wrap these 2D textures on a digital frame. Character Skeletons of some characters are made which will goes to the animators who controls them.


In this profile, illustrations & software programmes are used to create animation by the animators. Their work is to plan, script and creative animated sequences. People working in this job profile create animation as well as visual effects for mobile devices, television, films, video games, etc. Background design and work on production coordination is also assisted by animators.

Animation Director

An Animation director is responsible for recruitment, coordination, and management of animation teams. Animation directors work in coordination with the person who handles the overall production. His/her task list also includes interpreting briefs and thereafter communicating the same to the entire animation team.

Character Animator

In this career profile, one has to design and create characters by using animation software, 2D animations, 3D modeling and sometimes even puppetry. Character Animators create characters, such that, they use movement to communicate a story. They develop these characters for films, television, mobile applications as well as video games.

Visual Development Artist

Functions of this job profile is to work with the creative department to develop backgrounds, lighting, colors, environments as well as props for the production. A Visual Development Artist uses animation, illustration, design skills and drawing to create visuals which can easily convey the idea behind the entire production. These artists work in 2D or even in 3D and use programmes like Photoshop and Maya.

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